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We are completely fascinated with the natural health benefits of plants. Not only do many offer air cleansing qualities through decreasing the likes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and benzene but they are perfect for reducing stress and creating a sense of well-being in any room. 

Our HOH! Vertical Indoor Garden will allow you to easily create a collection of 6 plants to hang on a wall in your home. If, like us, you don't consider yourself a green fingered gardening pro we thought you might get some use from a list of plants that will grow for you!

These are a few that we really like and think can work nicely in all sorts of combinations:

Pilea: The Pilea Peperomioides or as it is better known, the Chinese money plant is easy to grow. It has a very playful looking leaf and stem and if doing well will easily propagate new plants that you can move to another slot on your vertical garden or share with your friends. 

Pilea Plant

Calathea: This is easy to take care of, a prerequisite for all of us here in the office. They are really grown for their dramatic pattern. Each species comes with it's own stripe and colouring combination. 

Calathea plant

Hedera: Is just the fancy name for the common ivy species you see growing on a lot of period homes in the countryside. Another plant that asks little of it's owner. We love them because they grow long stems and trail nicely down from where they are planted. 

Hedera plant

Syngonium: We suggest going with a Syngonium podophyllum for the sole reason it has a leaf that looks like a goose foot hence it's common name the Goosefoot plant. Many of the species come with interesting variegated leaf patterns. The will offer contrast against some plain green leaves in your wall garden. 

Syngonium plant


Peperomia: A structurally impactful plant. These come with fleshy leaves, when they flower they do so in long conical spikes. 

Peperomia plant

Hoya: Similar to an ivy this native to Asia will produce a trail of thick wax leaves. There are plenty of species all with their own leaf patterns but be warned they all need to be cared for in slightly different manners. 

Hoya plant

It is important to think about where you are going to position your plants. Ask yourself do they need plenty of light or will they prefer shade for part of the day? Consider how much care you can give them, some plants will do well without your constant attention but others are a little trickier. Do you want plants to blossom? It is hard to beat that feeling when plants begin to flourish and flower.

We love bringing natural things into our home. It allows us to experience the outdoor even if we don't have a garden. Whatever you go with we suggest getting the best info from the pros at your local garden centre. With all the tips and tricks you will find your plants will thrive all year long. 

If you are planning on putting up a vertical garden in your kitchen we suggest going with the essentials: parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, or my particular favourite oregano. Your kitchen will smell great and your cooking enhanced!

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