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Attempting to go plastic-free is tough. We cannot polish over how hard it is to remove what has become a staple part of modern life. Plastic-Free July is growing in popularity each year since it's first debut in 2017. However avoiding single-use plastic right away without ever trying to do so previously is a mammoth task. 

Most people enter with great intentions but come to the realisation very quickly that SUP is everywhere. The 1st of July rolls around and it becomes apparent that all of your favourite grocery items come packaged in SUP, so you have to either go cold turkey or investigate alternative options. Order something online that you know is free from plastic does not exempt it from a bubble wrapped arrival.

So as much as we love the Plastic-Free July movement and the message it gets out to millions each year we think you need to look at changing a habit over a much longer period. By all means use that kind of event as the kick in the pants to change your ways but don't expect miracles within the month. 

Habits are hard earned...and plenty of practice and time is needed to form concrete habits. We suggest baby steps. Replace an item with an eco alternative. We stopped using plastic dish brushes and now only have coconut bristle alternatives surrounding the kitchen sink. A friend of the family reuses the same egg boxes when going to market, eventually they fall apart but they are used to their full extent before entering the recycling process. Our customers really take to our rCups as their first foray into a greener lifestyle. 

It is all about handling what you can handle and not overdoing it. The latter only leads to exhaustion and depletion of willpower. Every few weeks choose a new product to switch out or learn a trick to save on waste and after a few months you will notice you have formed eco habits without much effort and the best thing about it is you can continue to add to your green talents. 

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