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Black Friday just isn't our thing here at Orange Complex. Each year news reports highlight stampedes as folk run over each other to get to the discounted goodies in malls and stores. Shot after shot of something more akin to an episode of The Walking Dead. People wake from the frenzy with several toasters in their homes not fully understanding why they thought it was necessary to get more than one.

Black Friday Shopping

Don't get us wrong we are in favour of good deals but I think considered purchases go out the window in the run up to the Christmas period. Everyone in the office here tends to do a little research prior to the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend and then sticks firmly with the items they feel will benefit them. 

In light of the chaos of Black Friday we are hosting a calmer, peaceful and easier shopping experience the inaugural ORANGE SATURDAY on the 24th of November. We will have some great bundle deals and discounts for all to avail of. Keep an eye on updates on our Instagram page!

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