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Personal development has seen a rise over the past few months as people, restricted to their homes, decide to take this time to reflect, reassess and progress. It all sounds easy but we all know that old habits die hard. 

So we in the office thought it might be helpful to post a few tips we find help when attempting to change a small part of our everyday lives. So here it goes:


Change often requires a large amount of motivation and as I am too aware of that makes it quite difficult to maintain. The best example I can think of is exercise. It is so good for us yet so many of us just can't get to point that it becomes second nature. Start with a minute session first. If you want to run a marathon down the line start with walks. Look to add some artillery to your gun show, feed your pythons, kick it all off with a few [3-5] press ups a day and progress from there. It's all about that gradual momentum. 


You rise in the morning, drag your limbs towards the kitchen like a scene from your favourite zombie movie. There is your energy, your life-force, sitting on the counter "Coffee, sweet, sweet coffee. How I missed you!" Well without thought you are already engaging in a habit. Try to tie a new habit to that unbreakable one. Read one article on something you are interested. Maybe do some stretches in between sips. Your brain will find it easier to incorporate a new habit when you are in the middle of another. 


You have started with small increments... attached it to common habits you already have. Now you need to stick with it. Habits on average take about 2 months to become natural. This is the biggest hurdle. The dedication to stay the course is tricky. We suggest trying to alternate the process every few days in the hopes that it will keep your target habit interesting and fresh. 


Remove any unnecessary distractions or steps that don't inspire you to keep going. Gym goers would prepare meals in bulk to make the diet portion of their day easier for the rest of the week. If you are trying to be more eco-conscious look at alternate uses for some of your waste. You might not always find a good use and that's ok but taking the time to think about each item will open up a world of fun and easy projects.

This Summer we are looking to divert more of our food waste from the brown bin. One minor but very delicious trick we are forging ahead with is creating candied orange peel. Dipped in chocolate to make it easy to eat a dozen in one sitting.


Make sure you appreciate what you are doing to gain a good habit. We have always found it helpful to be very aware of the impact a new eco-friendly habit will have on our lives and the wider environment. You can easily see the proliferation of small critters when you create compost and I find it rewarding to see that alone. If that doesn't float your boat you can always treat yourself to another handful of candied peels. 

If you or a friend are looking to start an earth-friendly lifestyle check out our 30 Day GO GREEN Challenge Box


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