Cast Iron Electric Radiator | Neoclassic

Cast Iron Electric Radiator | Neoclassic


Cast iron radiators evoke memories of a bygone time but they have made a comeback recently, not only for their chic looks but the efficiency as a heat source in the home or office. With electric power these cast iron radiators combine classic designs with modern technology. 

The Neoclassic design has a roughened finish with elegantly thin core and is available in 6, 9 and 12 section sizes. See our other designs on offer too.

Select between black, white, cream and grey as standard or opt for a custom colour at just €60 extra per radiator! Choose a colour from the Farrow & Ball Range.

Interior designer, architect or just have a big building task ahead of you? Get in touch with us!

10 day lead time.

 Size [H x W x D] Electricity usage Watt BTU Heat Output
745mm × 400mm × 120mm ~3cent/hour 300 1878
745mm × 583mm ×  120mm ~6cent/hour 600 2817
745mm × 766mm × 120mm ~9cent/hour 900 3756



  • Plugs into a standard socket.
  • Fully controllable heat.
  • Energy saving.
  • High standard locally manufactured product.
  • IR remote controller.
  • 24/7 time control via remote control.
  • Measures air temperature from 18°C – 32°C.
  • Controls water temperature from 30°C – 70°C.
  • Built in open window/door recognition.
  • Manual control override on radiator.
  • 2 and 4 hour boost options.
  • Automatic frost protection at 7°C.